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Prepping for a ride at the Mint 400 with Don Adams, Jeep racer extrordinaire, circa 1984. (Photo courtesy of Trackside Photos).
Hosting a group of Bridgestone tire company tire design engineers during a week-long on- and off-road prototype tire test session, circa 1984.
The end of a successful wild donkey hunt near Sedrow Wooley, Washington, circa 1995.


Setting up for a sunset photo shoot for a Trailer Life magazine cover, El Mirage dry lake, near Lancaster, California, circa 2000. (Photo by Mirante Almazan)
Measuring a donkey sled component using an extra-large set of homebuilt calipers; on Sugar Pine lumber Company territory, southeast of North Fork, California, circa 2000. (Photo by Mark Pomaville).
Hauling Elkhart, Indiana fall leaves while Hunter, the Jeep-riding Golden Retriever, looks on, circa 1991.


A bottle jack, some chain and a few bolts can work repair wonders on a Jeep when needed. San felipe, Baja, Mexico, circa 1984. (Photo by Steve Mogg. May he rest in peace).
Signing a guest book on the Mojave Trail, circa 2000. (Photo by Jim Brightly)
Setting up an advertising photo shoot for Hartland Locomotive Works at a private garden railroad in southern Michigan.


Recording some dimensional data on a Sugar Pine Lumber Company logging flat car that’s part of the restaurant framework at Railroad park Resort, Dunsmuir, California, circa 2000.
A photo shoot of a log train at Simpson Timber Company, near Shelton, Washington, circa 1995.
By the shore of Spirit Lake, Washington, with a view into the crater of Mt. St. Helens, temporarily sleeping peacefully in the background. (Photo by Charlie Byrns).

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