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About Us

Jeff's eye for practical composition and technical abilities mean his writing is always illustrated with photographs that illuminate, clarify and entertain. His portfolio includes dozens of cover photos for Trailer Life, MotorHome and other magazines (see "Photo Gallery" link).

His extensive experience in the RV industry, in particular, gives him an authoritative perspective on RVs, how they work and how people can get the most enjoyable use from them.

Jeff has spent most of his driving career behind the wheel of various four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicles, and enjoys back-country tent camping as well as living in the lap of RV luxury.

His early work in the documentary and commercial film industry, an involvement that lay dormant during the intense magazine years, has come full circle in the form of current video production work. He has recently launched a new site called where he is selling his new DVDs focused on the model and full-scale railroading industry.


Jeff employs a variety of imaging formats. These include:

  • Nikon 35mm
  • Nikon high-end digital imaging
  • Pentax 6x7 medium format
  • Wisner 4x5 large format
  • Canon XL1 mini-DV video
  • Canon GL2 mini-DV video

Jeff is based in Eugene, Oregon, but has traveled nationwide and internationally while pursuing his career interests. You can click on the following link to see my "What's New With Jeff" section of the site.

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